Welcome to my Anonymous blog, a world of free speech, free thought and free of MSM “White-Noise.”

I hope you find my blog interesting enough to subscribe to an inspiring enough to tell others.

White noise is simple to recognize, it has labels, it  encourages division and argument, it drives people apart, anything that encourages division is orchestrated “White-Noise.”

For whatever reasons or methods, whatever ‘side’ claims they are right, none of this matters once you get above the white noise. The fact is many of our lives are governed by hidden forces, ones that seek to manipulate us into thinking in certain ways and done so well, for the most part, we don’t even notice.

This blog aims to discuss the ideas behind such things as, manipulation, negative motivation,  objectivity. I may even dispense my own brand of tips, like,  stop trying to connect the dots, they are exactly that in the grand plan, DOTS!

Many of you would have found this by accident or word of mouth. Either way, this blog is my contribution to a world that has fallen asleep at the wheel.

I think we all have a contribution to make to any cause we feel is of importance. But I guess the big question is what can we each “contribute?”

Some people are of the impression with groups like Anonymous you would need to be a hacker, you would be wrong. Like all collaborative undertakings, Anonymous needs the knowledge and skills of all walks of life.

There are many skilful people in computers that have their fingers on the pulse, I do not wish to add to the “White Noise” of the global media machine.

In fact, this blog is dedicated to enabling the opposite of what we are currently experiencing. I wish to help silence the white noise of MSM and therefore the idea of division.

Enjoy, if you can say your a better version of you than you were last week, if you know a little more than you did and if you’re open to knowing more…welcome.