Pyramids Tombs or Blueprint for NWO? Pt1

Pyramids; Anonymous ideology?

The fabric our world, our lives is the working manifestation of the grand Pyramid. Never heard of the Grand Pyramid? Read on…please.

What you think you know about pyramids is not all there is to be revealed about them. I know there are many theories as to who built them from “Aliens built the pyramids” to the official view Egyptians created them. Personally I think the Egyptians turned up and took credit for it all. But I digress…

I am going to assume many, if not all of you are well versed in the symbolism that surrounds the shape of the pyramids, not least the “All seeing eye” as the capstone sitting on the dollar bill.

Masonic designs defining secret codes and alliances as money changes hands on a daily basis. But that is not what this post is about. This post looks at the fact they represent a map, a strategy a blueprint for control. on every level of our lives, nations and world.

Never in the history of humankind have we been so close to totalitarian control of all nations. Advances in transportation, communication and militarisation have led to a fork in the evolutionary road.

We have already stepped towards the path of human suppression, when we should have used those same tools to explore our potential. What we witness is the lust for power and control by a few psychopaths enslaving the masses with illusionary bonds so psychologically pervasive they are taken as real.

 This is not about the symbology of pyramids or who built them, this is about something that has affected you and I since the day we were born and will until the day we die.

And it all starts with the Great pyramid of  Giza, the American Pyramids, Pyramids in Antarctica, Pyramids in China, Mayan Pyramids, in fact they are the most common form of three-dimensional ancient structures on our planet. Ever noticed that?

I stood in a valley south of Mexico city back in 1996 around the month of May. I was filming a story about how the Spanish destroyed 100’s of Mayan pyramids and yet I could still stand near the Volcano (Popocatepetl) and see 100’s more. They are everywhere, including those famous “Underwater Pyramids.”

I am going to assume many, if not all of you are well versed in the symbolism that surrounds the shape of the pyramids, not least the “All seeing eye” as the capstone sitting on the dollar bill.

Masonic designs defining secret codes and alliances, secret societies using the same symbolism  as money changes hands on a daily basis, so the pyramid is fixed into our psych.

This is not about the symbology of pyramids or who built them, this is about something that has affected you and I since the day we were born until the day we die.

And it all starts with the pyramid…

It is the perfect shape for so many reasons, none more so than it is the shape we exist in, let me elaborate…

It is in our DNA…

We have a “head” of the family followed by the subsequent generations. The mass is at the bottom and as time passes there is a single head (oldest) left so we have the shape of the pyramid within the basic structure of our society.

Move that hierarchical system to school, we get a pyramid. Move it to work, pyramid, CEO at the top, the masses at the bottom. Military, same thing, generals at the top, cannon fodder at the bottom. Church, pope and Cardinals at the top, the sheep at the bottom.

In every corner of our world we are subjected to the same pyramid thinking, it is not just a symbol of the elite, it is the very structure of control the elite manage the world by. You will notice quickly there are few winners and millions of less fortunate, not because of the structure but the greed of those we elect to govern…NOT RULE.

Therein sits the white elephant, since we have known for millennia the difference between govern for the people by the people and those who seek to rule over the people. And yet here we are, the greatest, most advance humans ever to walk this planet (as far as we are led to believe) being “ruled” by a global elite FEW. Working with the same pyramidical blueprint as seen on the cash in our lives. It forms the pyramidical-holographic-matrix we call existence.

 Why choose such a structure as a blueprint?

It a natural result of our life cycle for a start, so it is easy to overlay a corrupted blueprint, it mimics equality but seeks control.

It is the only structure I can think of that is almost impossible to circumvent and take out the levels above. The elite know how to hold with an almost “magnetic” force on those immediately  below them by drawing on their strongest emotional drivers. Usually money,  power, sex and greed is used on the weaker. While all those things are used as blackmail on the slightly stronger or those in positions of authority. That is what the top of the pyramid residents want , idiots who believe they are going to get into that high and mighty club.

This pattern is cascaded right down through the ranks of global manipulation and directly impacts on the masses.

From a strategic perspective it is a great structure, if you attempt to climb towards the top in order to attack it, you will be struck down before you get anywhere near. It would make the perfect castle shape since the whole structure is four shrinking ramparts leading to a hypothetical “kill-zone.”. From a defensive POV it is almost artistic in its simplicity and difficult to overcome.

Having now seen the fact Pyramids are everywhere and always have been. We can take a look at breaching the defences since many would believe that cannot be done and yet empires have fallen countless times just as they reach the “Apex” of civilisation…Boom! The people got pissed off or nature stepped in.

Apart from the obvious conclusion we come to knowing this pyramid system will always encourage and facilitate most of the wealth going to few of the people. This is clearly unfair and has been the cause some historical disagreements between people and state.

What does this shape have that stops people from changing the system? It has layer after layer of sheep and shepherds and the distance between the top and bottom seems impossible but it clearly and historically is not.

What military, governmental and corporate pyramids structures have in common is knowledge, skills and resources in order to control its people. What they fail to realise and previous empires have done the same, is authority may sit at the top but influence has always been with the masses.

That is why control of the global media / internet is so important. Control of unions and any other “group” that may pose a threat to the residents of the upper-levels of the pyramid blueprint.

Out of that list of three specific areas, Knowledge; We can compete with ease on that score; Skills; The mass population working and drawing on our collective skills would destroy anything that gets in its path.

Finally; Resources, the tools available at the top of the pyramids give them a big advantage, I am also including people in positions of power as “tools” in this context. You may know them better as political, military and judicial puppets for the upper pyramid level residents. (Bring on the purge, I know where the masses would go and it would not be killing each other like the BS propaganda machine known as Hollywood maintains).

The saddest irony is, while we are hoping to live in a world of equality, we cannot seem to see the game is stacked against us. I guess the question to end this post on is…

Can we hope for equality if we are already fixed into a hierarchical pyramid system?

History teaches us, victory goes to those who may not have the resources but are the most resourceful…

Until next time



What is your level of focus?

This week’s post is about getting each of us to understand how easy it is for those who would manipulate the masses creating division and war over all sorts of views, resources and a cornucopia of other such bullshit reasons to go out and kill people over.

While we all sit arguing over the issues of the day (which is the point) others are discussing issues about the next 100 years. But I am jumping ahead.

Levels of focus is all about what we pay attention to at various times of our day and life. 

Here is a few examples of what the heck I am talking about…

Level 1: News of an argument in a pub/bar between two guys, one Muslim the other white British male. As you can see on a level 1 focus we are subjected to individual disputes, either observed or part of.

Even at this level we are still subjected to other forms of mind manipulation. How many noticed the description of the two guys arguing (in the example). The first was identified by his religion, the other by his colour and race. Not exactly un-bias reporting but it happens all the time, even at this level.

Level 2: Groups of people who identify themselves with each other are the next level. Be it football fans or the individual who has sparked a common cause. Again we are subjected to all sorts of them and us scenario’s. The irony is this same level is used to promote the elites BS.

An example would be the corporate owned media “reporting” on the tension between the public and political lapdogs about the health service. Again at his level we argue about investment, wages, the amount of hours we have to wait, getting the waiting times down with fewer resources…etc.. It’s all bullshit distraction and division (on a national scale). The real news is the fact that the money has always been there and actually is but is sucked out by the big corp drug and medical equipment suppliers who spend millions lobbying (bribing/blackmail) the lapdogs in seats of influence.

Level 3: At this level we go to global regional disputes. This could be the problems in the middle east, Asia, the Americas. Basically we start to get into a grey area, as they all are at these levels. Since a regional disputer could also include a global dispute as we can see from so many examples. Like the south China sea at the moment or the middle east, Gaza, North Korea, Russia, the list is endless, oh and Yemen. All these disputes should be regional (in a sane world) but since we are moving towards a globalist wet dream, those regional disputes are now part of the global move for corporate domination.

Level 4 is obvious by now which is the global disputes that are the populists end-game to create division on a scale that ensures individual complicity from the division fed in all levels previously.

The level of focus can go higher once you stop being influenced by the levels below. Objectivity is the key to removing the very idea (and that is the key), the idea of division and difference.

What is above all these petty levels of distraction?

For me it’s pure objectivity in the form of imaging I have been sent to planet earth to simply report on what is going on. I take no sides, heck I don’t even know who is fighting whom. All I know is a bunch of twats down there are killing beings from over there for what they are standing on.

Most civilized worlds would be sharing, trading, looking for alternative sources of resources.

We however get a big fat “D” in how we do trade in the galactic shopping mall. We just kill the other people and take stuff and eventually all that stuff, after much killing, will be too much for the few left but they will use all those resources to control the rest (as they do now).

And it all starts with that dispute over your back garden fence, or trolling of FB, then escalates to the next level up, pushed on by media, reflected by sheep, spread like a virus and consumed by bigots.

Do not join the petty arguments at any level. It is not about black, white, Muslim or Buddhist. It is about what is morally right or wrong. it is about how we treat each other. 

In conclusion to this post, the world is not as bad as the MSM wants you to think it is. The more people that stop being sucked into situations that cause division, the better chance we have of our children living in a world we would want to.

Until next time


A fork in the road or a knife in the back!

Tesla Vs J.P. Morgan?

There have been many times throughout history when a turning point occurred, a fork in the road that forever changed humanity. A few have had catastrophic effects, such as world wars, invasions of other nations, famine, disease, the plague, you get the picture.

Not to be too much of a naysayer, there have also been times when those forks in the road have led to great leaps in human technology, understanding of the world around us and the potential to become galactic travelers.

The problem is these well-known forks in the road, as taught in academia only tell a fraction of the story. The narrative is clearly one the educational/ political establishment want to advertise. Yes, I think most state education is nothing more than a marketing campaign, persuading you to buy into the BS that 50 or 300 years ago their ancestors came out with to fuc* over the working class, and now sold to us as history, while masquerading as education, rant over…

One of those forks in human history, as is never taught in academia (you can guess why yourself) is probably one of the most important in modern history, one the establishment would rather we did not look at too closely.

The fork I have always been interested in arrived at around… the late 19th early 20th centuries. It was a time when electricity was beginning to leap ahead of steam. The battle of the currents were about to begin. Edison and Direct Current (DC) Vs Tesla and Alternating Current (AC). Many believe the fight over control of electrical power was between Edison and Tesla.

In fact the real fight was between George Westernhouse and Tesla AFTER Tesla and Edison had fallen out over an agreed deal that would have netted Tesla $50,000 had Edison kept to their agreement.  

Tesla and Edison had completely different views on AC/DC and the relationship was further hampered by the fact Edison owned all the patents Tesla had filed under Edison’s name while working for him. Tesla was left with nothing after his relationship with Edison and went to work for Westernhouse.

Westernhouse  purchased Nikola Tesla’s patents and hired him to improve his AC motor for use in Westinghouse’s new power system. Westinghouse formed Westinghouse Electric in 1886 to compete with Thomas Edison’s direct current (DC) system. Advocates of DC power set out to discredit AC power, charging that the use of AC power was a menace to human life and publicizing New York state’s use of the Westinghouse AC generator as its official means of execution. Westinghouse and Edison waged an ongoing court battle over electricity known as The Seven Years War.

There is obviously more detail to the story but it is not the object of this blog.   the point of this post is to take a look at what sort of world would be in now if Tesla had been allowed (by George Westernhouse).

The “War of the currents” raged between Westernhouse and Edison in the press and courts, it was a long and very public battle that we can now see westernhouse won.

Sitting behind all this was all was Tesla, although Tesla was a genius in the field of electricity, he fell far short of the wheeling and dealing George Westernhouse was used to.

Below is an excerpt from “Anatomy of a Global Conspiracy” By Gary Wayne.

The JP Morgan Company held an important partnership with the Rothschild empire. The Morgan family held great ties to the British Rothschild’s and, therefore, became covert agents for them. The Rothschild’s preferred to operate anonymously through the JP Morgan Company in America, as well as through Khun and Loeb and the Goldman Sachs Company. Even today, the Morgan legacy has tentacles holding enormous sway in both business and political theatres. Morgan employees hold large memberships in the diverse collection of secret societies of today. 

The Rothschild’s, working through the Rockefellers and Morgan’s, have gained a stranglehold on American corporations and power, all who wield this power for globalist purposes, just as the Rothschild’s were able to do in Europe. The Rockefeller- Morgan- Rothschild axis has created a powerful corporate juggernaut that is unrivalled in the world today, all working resolutely for the Rex Deus agenda.

As you can see the links between “Big-Banks” and the work of Tesla were always connected. Where would we be now if Westernhouse had not had to pay off his pay-masters J.P. Morgan and the Rothschild clan.

Tesla wanted to transmit free energy taken from the earth’s ground and resonate in his famous tower into the atmosphere, transmitting electrical energy via Wi-Fi!

This was all documented in 1856/7 and yet it took another 150 years for the idea to re-surface for public use!

There are many great sources for Tesla and I am not going to give you what some have spent a lifetime investigating. In addition to all the practical inventions Tesla gave us; Tesla coil, the radio transmitter, and fluorescent lamps. Then you have the more “exotic” inventions Tesla is reported to have created and a quick search of the patents office archives will back some of these claims.

However, this post is about one simple turning point, you needed the background to understand where we stupendously fukced-up!

Tesla was ready to transmit his Wi-Fi system to the world when the banks (J.P. Morgan/Rothschild’s) asked if they could “meter” the electrical supply. Tesla said that was impossible since the source required no wires and it was free to anyone who could stick a pole in the ground.

The rest as they say is history, we KNOW we have no need of all the things we have been fighting over for the past 150 years. All wars are about resources but they must be more than that; Aren’t they?

Because KNOWING we could have this “Resource-free” world and those in power choose not to let it happen, never imagining what the world could be like with such dreams. Instead they choose to change for what we know we can get for free, enslave millions, kill even more over the very resources we KNOW we do not need. So what the hell is all the fighting really about?

It is in my experience never about the money, that is a tool, the accumulation of it as a resource only in order to gain power, greed is only the masked face for the lust of power.

Imagine a world where energy was not a problem for ANYONE.

Clean water, food for all, new forms of faster, cleaner transportation, instant global communication, and some would say mastery over gravity.

This is the world that was denied us back in 1856 by a few men hell bent on making a “profit” condemning the rest of us to a life of struggle and slavery.

As you can see the fork in the road was not just a stab in the back for Tesla but for the whole of humanity…

Fight for the world that was stolen from you and refuse to accept the one we have been duped into having forced upon us. All we have to do is say…NO…!

Until next time…