The time is now…

A series of contributions to the spirit of the Anonymous Global Movement (AGM)

I was once asked at a gathering in London about how anyone can contribute to the spirit of the AGM.

I found it an interesting question and ended up discussing this topic after the demo at pub later.

From that discussion came the reason for what I hope you will all find interesting enough to maintain your visits and likes of my contributions…

The spirit of the AGM for me is not based in anyone’s occupation or profession or in formal qualification of any individual. It is based on personal knowledge, experiences, talents and heartfelt passion for global equality.

For me the spirit of the AGM, the membership of the AGM is based on something so obvious we sometimes get distracted by the white noise of the global MSM.

Truth, for me has been high jacked by evil or whatever you want to collectively call it.

The spirit of the AGM is freedom of thought, freedom of mind, freedom to live a happy life, freedom to explore our true potential unhindered by the seekers of power, profits or greed.

In order to make any of what we all deserve come about the spirit of the AGM needs to unify its resources. Everyone has a contribution to make in their own way. Yes many brothers and sisters across the world are very good at what they do in their field of expertise and that includes computers, internet and generally every corner of the digital age.

But that is only a percentage of AGM not the totality of it. If you think the AGM is only about hacktivists and computer geeks your very wrong and may be holding yourself back from supporting to the freedoms you and we all are entitled  to.

The talents and experiences of everyone is of value, all the geeks do is distribute it (no offense guys/girls) you do a great job.

I guess what I’m trying to say is the diversity of our growing family should be celebrated and integrated into a peaceful global movement that has the power to make change. Everyone has a unique contribution to make and can make a difference.

So back to the conversation I had in that London pub…no actually back to the journey of what prompted this blog…

I was trying to think what my personal contribution could be based on my experiences, thoughts, passions and general musing going on in my head.

Without going to too much detail about me personally I sat down and created a list of my ‘resources’ I had accumulated over many years.

Here is that list…It is an honest one…

Corporate psychology
MOD psychology 
Corp consultant
Loves writing
International Speaker
TV Documentaries (3)
Life coach
Passionate about how great we could be!
Believes in total global equality
Feels obligated to our children to do as good job as we can
Believes doing nothing is not an option
Loves music, internet and helping people discover the potential they already own.

So there is my list, I wonder what your list would look like and how could you make your unique contribution to a peaceful revolution and join the AGM?

I am not a computer genius by any means, yet I still feel we all have much to offer, support, explanations, expert input or just turn up an sup[port peaceful non-compliance. There are no ranks in Anonymous…

I hope you enjoyed this installment in my support of the AGM and the pursuit of truth leading to a better world. Be under no illusion, doing nothing is not an option if you want things to change, if not for you, your children. Make your unique contribution based on your life, your knowledge, skills, passions and personal truths.

Now go be the best version of you and stand strong in the face of those who would try and take your true identity. 

My idea of hell comes from a quote I read many years ago, I am paraphrasing the quote but, well here it is…

My idea of hell is that when I die, the person I have become meets the person I could have been.

Let’s all strive not to be met by that person and become them.

I hope you read more of my blogs…

In support of the AGM… 



Educate or Edu-hate?

Education…Really, Is that what we are calling it?

Let me start this installment with a question, actually a few.

I suspect everyone would agree there is no such thing as a free lunch and yet governments go to great lengths to ‘insist’ we go to school, the good thing is it’s totally free!


Why is it free?

Some of you are probably saying, it’s not free since it educates the working tax payers of tomorrow and so not actually free but an ‘investment’ on future returns.

On a certain level you may be correct but I believe it goes much deeper than that in trying to explain the function of the current existing educational ideology.

Are we going to honestly believe if only in part that free education across the G20 nations may be as an investment into the future, makes perfect sense.

Prior to the late 1800s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board in conjunction with Frederick T. Gates, a close friend and business and personal adviser. The General Education Board was responsible for funding the American public school system, and provided over 100 million dollars in 1902 while continuing their support beyond 1902. If we follow the money, it becomes clear the general education board was responsible for the creation of the American public school system. Does education not play a large role in manipulating the consciousness of human beings?

Like all good detectives,  we don’t take things on face value (especially the Dollar, it has no real value). We look a little closer and start to peel off the onion layers of ‘white-noise’ that hides other motives.

The basket weaver soaks his reed before he starts to shape the basket, the reed must remain wet in order to shape the reed to his will. As the basket dries out the shape becomes fixed and now will forever hold its shape.

Young children, like reeds are malleable, they can be shaped and molded at a young age. The brains dendrites (thought highways) are ‘wet’ at the early stages of life up until about 5 years old, some until 7 years of age. Once the ‘wet’ period of the child is over (kindergarten).

The basket is set for the most part, it now only needs to maintain a longer period of ‘molding’ before the basket case is ready for the outside world and to pay taxes for the rest of your healthy years of course.

Let us not forget just how much the various religious schools have gotten into the education game. But hat has nothing to do with the same ideology that drives governments generous offer of free education. The church obviously knows there is profit in educating children

It is never too late to wake up, to simply stop taking things on face value is a start. Learning to learn, is a start, looking from a higher POV can reap faster benefits than currently arguing over what is or is not truth.

Until next time…