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Qanon The Great Awakening Red Pill Videos


I created this Qanon page to help inform the general public of the struggle between good and evil, patriots and traitors not covered in MSM.

You may have found your way here by accident but I’m guessing you did not. If you have shown an interest in the posts of Qanon around the net, you are probably more awake than most at the moment.

Who Is Qanon?

As you watch the short video below you will understand who or more to the point, what Qanon is. This is an introduction to a war raging across our world for the most part unseen by the masses.

Who or What is the Cabal?

The Cabal is a global organisation connected together by secret societies, evil religious doctrine and runs the military, controls political groups on all sides has a plan to install a NWO based on a one-world Religion, one world government. It wants the Orwellian future of oppression and surveillance.


The gods they serve you probably had no idea existed and the rituals they conduct is beyond what I would show you here.

They do a lot more but the point of this is to ease you into the world pulled over your mind. These are NOT theories these are verified researched evidence, leading to the production and dissemination of these videos. 

The Cabal have “Archons” (Operatives) in every facet of the fabric of our society. They control the banks, transportation, medication, finance, military and religion and have done for around 5,000 years.

You may have heard the Cabal being called by many names, which serve only to confuse the masses. Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Masonic high lodges, 33-degree masons, Skull and Bones, followers of Moloch (child sacrifice shitbag) and too many sub-societies and psychopathic egos to name.

The Cabal like CONFUSION. Keeping people looking in all directions is the mainstay of maintaining control.

As I add new videos to my YouTube channel I will also post them here since YouTube seems to have a problem, which is they are part of the Cabal so they might ban some of these vids. But no problem, they will all be here for you to view, share and keep the fight for truth, liberty and light going.

I will be adding more videos as I get the time to do so…

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