100 Secret Societies: Their greed keeps the world in debt

As we all know any group of people who pledge an oath to a secret society should NOT be allowed to hold any office due to conflicting loyalties, hence the shit we are currently in… 

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Antarctica! UFO Enters Hollow Earth!? Google Earth Image! 2017

Thought I would give you some alternative contributes to truth. Whatever your ideas about UFO’s may be, as Carl Sagan once said in a reply to life beyond our planet…”It would be an awful waste of space.”

The other thing to consider and the evidence does seem to point this way is that water is a precious element in the universe, so it will attract all types of lifeforms from bacterial to advanced intelligent species. Why go to war when you can distract the local population and have them fighting over the wrong resources…

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What the puppet masters want…We will not give them!

The use of MSM in all its modern forms is nothing short of a global mind altering machine. Journalists are so scared to lose their jobs they no longer report the news but simply create it. They create a narrative that is bias towards their paymasters. When a few puppet masters own most of the media the results will be a crude example of propaganda sold as news.

Today’s blog is about the difference between a problem as promoted by MSM and a symptom of a darker underlying cause.

Trying to rise above the white noise of MSM needs a greater sense and awareness of objectivity. As such we need to keep asking the question.

“What assumptions am I making about this?”

Example…(From MSM)

Manchester Bombings in the UK reported this past few days. I am not going to get involved in the current conversations about false-flags, I am sure these are being discussed elsewhere. The report and subsequent interviews stated clearly…

 “We have a serious terrorist problem here in the UK.”

Most would agree that is a rational statement given the circumstances. If we assume the word “problem” is correct. Many would say it is a “Symptom” but that would then require a deeper investigation into the causes. All MSM is interested in is guiding the conversation in a direction dictated by their “puppet-Masters.”

As long as we agree, without question the direction we are pushed in and in most cases don’t even notice, we will continue to sleep while we work.

Let’s take a look at a current situation, or “problem” the EU has…

Refugees from all over the African and Near Eastern countries pouring into all corners of the EU to get away from the war zones covering too many areas of our planet at the moment. Refugees are NOT the problem, we have a problem with those whose policies created the refugees!

Want to resolve the immigration problem? Then stop creating the circumstances under which a nation would have to leave their homes, go on an uncertain road only to be vilified by the MSM for “causing” problems wherever those “immigrants” go (not my words).

That would require people to ask awkward questions to people who do not want to discuss the results of their greed.

What about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? (PTSD)

Many of those returning home after active duty (fighting for oil, drugs or mineral rights) are in a bad way mentally. PTSD is not an illness that needs to be treated. It is the result of a violation of human rights and the resulting mental trauma and in many cases suicide, as you can see here.

WTF? Look at that small area “While there are effective treatments available.” The effective step to take is the cessation of bull-shiting ordinary people into killing other ordinary people for greed and profit under the guise of democracy and fighting terrorists (funded by those fighting).

“Treatment” would not be required if you had not violated the human rights of the sufferer and of the victims of the cause of that suffering (blowing the shit out of his family or something).

What we are told are problems are in fact the result of something the puppet masters have decreed and we are suffering the consequences of.

It guess you could say it is all about “Cause and effect.”

Here is a part of the speech from the point where Neo meets the Merovingian for the first time…

Merovingian:  You are here because you were sent here. You were told to come here and you obeyed.(Sneering giggle) It is of course the way of all things. You see there is only one constant, one universal. It is the only real truth. Causality – action reaction, cause and effect.

MorpheousEverything begins with a choice.

Merovingian:  No, wrong. Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.

Our “choice” is whether we allow the narrative to dictate where we look for causes or we get distracted by the results. The newspapers, news outlets and all the other sellers of BS on behalf of their puppet masters want us to focus on the strap lines, the pathetic questions that direct the conversation away from the truth or where we need to look for it.

What we are told most of the time described as a problem is in fact the result of something we need to bring into the light. If we are to stick to FACTS the we can start to see where the white noise of MSM BS is coming from.

I am working on a larger piece of work that will I hope you gain a step by step approach to reducing the white noise of division but that is for another day.

I hope you question even more the BS we all fall into at some point, others spend their lives swimming in BS and don’t even know it 🙂

What the puppet masters want that we wont give them?

Your undivided attention, that should be reserved for your own journey…keep asking questions, keep questioning the answers.

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