A fork in the road or a knife in the back!

Tesla Vs J.P. Morgan?

There have been many times throughout history when a turning point occurred, a fork in the road that forever changed humanity. A few have had catastrophic effects, such as world wars, invasions of other nations, famine, disease, the plague, you get the picture.

Not to be too much of a naysayer, there have also been times when those forks in the road have led to great leaps in human technology, understanding of the world around us and the potential to become galactic travelers.

The problem is these well-known forks in the road, as taught in academia only tell a fraction of the story. The narrative is clearly one the educational/ political establishment want to advertise. Yes, I think most state education is nothing more than a marketing campaign, persuading you to buy into the BS that 50 or 300 years ago their ancestors came out with to fuc* over the working class, and now sold to us as history, while masquerading as education, rant over…

One of those forks in human history, as is never taught in academia (you can guess why yourself) is probably one of the most important in modern history, one the establishment would rather we did not look at too closely.

The fork I have always been interested in arrived at around… the late 19th early 20th centuries. It was a time when electricity was beginning to leap ahead of steam. The battle of the currents were about to begin. Edison and Direct Current (DC) Vs Tesla and Alternating Current (AC). Many believe the fight over control of electrical power was between Edison and Tesla.

In fact the real fight was between George Westernhouse and Tesla AFTER Tesla and Edison had fallen out over an agreed deal that would have netted Tesla $50,000 had Edison kept to their agreement.  

Tesla and Edison had completely different views on AC/DC and the relationship was further hampered by the fact Edison owned all the patents Tesla had filed under Edison’s name while working for him. Tesla was left with nothing after his relationship with Edison and went to work for Westernhouse.

Westernhouse  purchased Nikola Tesla’s patents and hired him to improve his AC motor for use in Westinghouse’s new power system. Westinghouse formed Westinghouse Electric in 1886 to compete with Thomas Edison’s direct current (DC) system. Advocates of DC power set out to discredit AC power, charging that the use of AC power was a menace to human life and publicizing New York state’s use of the Westinghouse AC generator as its official means of execution. Westinghouse and Edison waged an ongoing court battle over electricity known as The Seven Years War.

There is obviously more detail to the story but it is not the object of this blog.   the point of this post is to take a look at what sort of world would be in now if Tesla had been allowed (by George Westernhouse).

The “War of the currents” raged between Westernhouse and Edison in the press and courts, it was a long and very public battle that we can now see westernhouse won.

Sitting behind all this was all was Tesla, although Tesla was a genius in the field of electricity, he fell far short of the wheeling and dealing George Westernhouse was used to.

Below is an excerpt from “Anatomy of a Global Conspiracy” By Gary Wayne.

The JP Morgan Company held an important partnership with the Rothschild empire. The Morgan family held great ties to the British Rothschild’s and, therefore, became covert agents for them. The Rothschild’s preferred to operate anonymously through the JP Morgan Company in America, as well as through Khun and Loeb and the Goldman Sachs Company. Even today, the Morgan legacy has tentacles holding enormous sway in both business and political theatres. Morgan employees hold large memberships in the diverse collection of secret societies of today. 

The Rothschild’s, working through the Rockefellers and Morgan’s, have gained a stranglehold on American corporations and power, all who wield this power for globalist purposes, just as the Rothschild’s were able to do in Europe. The Rockefeller- Morgan- Rothschild axis has created a powerful corporate juggernaut that is unrivalled in the world today, all working resolutely for the Rex Deus agenda.

As you can see the links between “Big-Banks” and the work of Tesla were always connected. Where would we be now if Westernhouse had not had to pay off his pay-masters J.P. Morgan and the Rothschild clan.

Tesla wanted to transmit free energy taken from the earth’s ground and resonate in his famous tower into the atmosphere, transmitting electrical energy via Wi-Fi!

This was all documented in 1856/7 and yet it took another 150 years for the idea to re-surface for public use!

There are many great sources for Tesla and I am not going to give you what some have spent a lifetime investigating. In addition to all the practical inventions Tesla gave us; Tesla coil, the radio transmitter, and fluorescent lamps. Then you have the more “exotic” inventions Tesla is reported to have created and a quick search of the patents office archives will back some of these claims.

However, this post is about one simple turning point, you needed the background to understand where we stupendously fukced-up!

Tesla was ready to transmit his Wi-Fi system to the world when the banks (J.P. Morgan/Rothschild’s) asked if they could “meter” the electrical supply. Tesla said that was impossible since the source required no wires and it was free to anyone who could stick a pole in the ground.

The rest as they say is history, we KNOW we have no need of all the things we have been fighting over for the past 150 years. All wars are about resources but they must be more than that; Aren’t they?

Because KNOWING we could have this “Resource-free” world and those in power choose not to let it happen, never imagining what the world could be like with such dreams. Instead they choose to change for what we know we can get for free, enslave millions, kill even more over the very resources we KNOW we do not need. So what the hell is all the fighting really about?

It is in my experience never about the money, that is a tool, the accumulation of it as a resource only in order to gain power, greed is only the masked face for the lust of power.

Imagine a world where energy was not a problem for ANYONE.

Clean water, food for all, new forms of faster, cleaner transportation, instant global communication, and some would say mastery over gravity.

This is the world that was denied us back in 1856 by a few men hell bent on making a “profit” condemning the rest of us to a life of struggle and slavery.

As you can see the fork in the road was not just a stab in the back for Tesla but for the whole of humanity…

Fight for the world that was stolen from you and refuse to accept the one we have been duped into having forced upon us. All we have to do is say…NO…!

Until next time…